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Typical Cost Analysis

The average prices included here are only an estimate of what a typical job might be. It can vary widely depending on the vehicle and should only be used as a general guide and NOT an estimate of your project.

Standard Oil Change - $30
Things that will impact the price are special oil or filter requirements for your particular vehicle. Diesel trucks are quite a bit more.

Transmission Service - $75

Diagnostic - $30

Engine Rebuild/Replace - $3000+
A typical rebuild might be a bit less expensive but will require 4 weeks or so of downtime whereas a replace will be a bit faster. Salvage vs. crate motor will also make a difference in both price and turnaround time. Larger engines such as trucks may be quite a bit more.

Transmission Replace - $2500+
We don't rebuild transmissions, we simply replace them. Transmissions can be salvage or crate and turnaround time is usually 2-4 weeks or so.

Inspections - $12

Engine Tune-Up - $150+
Some vehicles can have the spark plugs and wires replaced but many vehicles now have more sophisticated systems that cost more to repair.

Brakes - $100
Cost of parts can vary widely and will impact the final price.

Engine Cooling Systems include radiators, hoses, fans and other components and prices vary.

Heat & A/C Systems have several main components that can be costly such as the heater core, compressor, condensor and others. Simply recharging the A/C system is not a proper fix. We test the system and replace the parts that leak.